Using Ptools Adjust PS-Plugin to edit nadir / zenith.

This equirectangular pano-image below is made from 4 portrait shot done with Peleng 8 mm on D70. As the fisheye circle from that lens is bigger than the height of the CCD the circle get cut off at nadir/zenith.

To retouche the nadir/zenith hole and/or inserting nadir/zenith shots you can produce a more comfortable view using the Ptools Adjust plugin from Photoshop. This article tells you how to use this plugin:


Step 1.
Make sure you have saved the image before you continue if you have made some changes to the original.

Step 2:
Flatten the image to make sure the plugin use the full image size.

Step 3.
Select <Filter/Panorama Tools/Adjust>

Step 4.
Select "Extract" and "Use Options" and click on "Prefs" where you set "(a) Display Cropped/Framed Resultimage" and perhaps click on "More" to changes the Interpolation Options. When done click OK to return to the "Adjust Option" window.

Now click on "Set" to go to the "Options for Insert/Extract"-window. And set the options as shown here below - having the width and height set to your image size. [The plugin will remember these setting and the same goes for the the prefs-setting - so as long as you use the same size you don't have to do these steps again for the next pano! ]

When done click OK and click OK again in the "Adjust Option" window.

You should now have this view, where you should be able to edit/retouche both nadir and zenith in a more convienient way. With a pale sky like this the hole could easily be filled using the clone tool

If you have individual equirectangular zenith and/or nadir shot you should run them through the same steps and clip/paste the needed part into a layer in the main picture - and use the transform tool to tweek it into place.

Step 6:
When finished with your modification go back to normal equirectangular view with <Filter/Panorama Tools/Adjust>. This time you just mark"Insert" instead
of "Extract".

OBS!! If you have created more layer remember to flatten the image first! And remember to remove any selections. Otherwise the adjust will only work on one layer / the selction.


TIP! As there might be some minor degration of the image quality after every remap you can select and copy only the altered parts and insert them into the original. And as the nadir/zenith parts allready are rather distorted in equirectangular view, this will also allow you to use a faster Interpolation method like spline 16, without having to worry about the more essential parts of the pano.